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Welcome to the online home of Nuts Bay -your very own gift shop that sells superb quality nuts, spices, chocolates, dry fruits, gift packing boxes and a range of traditional gifts from Coimbatore.

When it's about giving your loved ones a kiss of good health wrapped intelligently in your emotion, we are here to present you multiple ideas that count. Remember, the excellence of a gift does not lie in its value, rather it lies in its appropriateness. Our customized selection of gift boxes will help you find the best match for your needs, be it for anniversary, Birthday or for any other occasion. Go ahead and explore. Happy shopping!


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Nutsbay - Almonds with Shell

Nutsbay -  Apricot Yellow

Nutsaby - Cinnamon

Nutsbay - Almond Bold

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Nutsbay - Almonds Powder

Nutsbay - Almond Momora Gold

Nutsbay - Big Mustard

Nutsbay - Almonds Toppings

Nutsaby - Mabrook Dates

Nutsbay - Annasi Flower

Nutsbay -  Apricot Brown

Nutsbay - Almonds

Nutsbay -  Apricot Brown

Nutsbay - Almond Sliced

Nutsbay - Apricot Seedless

Nutsbay - Almond Momra

Nutsbay - Almond Chocolate

Nutsbay - Apricot Seedless

Nutsbay - Almonds

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Nutsbay - Beauty

Nutsbay - Almonds

Nutsaby - Afgan (Green) Grapes


Are you looking for a gift item that could express your love or affection in the best way possible? Wondering what can make your loved ones go overwhelmed with emotion?


What makes a dish taste great? It’s the dash of love, the spirit of tireless effort and the flavour of our authentic spices that makes a dish taste simply awesome. Garnish that with our best quality dry fruits and you will become the star chef of your home